Frequently Asked Questions!

Q:  When are the Lezathlon Tournaments?  

A:  Events for Lezathlon 2020 have been canceled. Stay safe, Lezathlon Family! We will hopefully be back in 2021! 

Q:  I’m not good at sports.  Are you going to make me run around and do pushups all weekend?” 

A:  Nope!  You can choose to be part of a team that is more “spirited” than “athletically” inclined.  The Lezathlon events can be completed by all levels of athletic ability.  You don’t have to come in 1st to have fun! You are also free to come as a Spectator and just watch all the action go down!  


Q: I want to start a team! How does this work!?!?

A: Send an email to with the subject line CAPTAIN. In the body of the email, include your name, contact number, and the name of your team. Once 8 members of your team have registered for the event, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your team has secured a place in the tournament.

Q: How many womxn per team?

A: In order to compete, you must have 10-12 womxn on your team (you can have a few extra people but some might have to sit out during full team events).


Q: I have no team but I want to compete!

A: Keep an eye on the facebook event pages. You will see teams posting about needing extra players. We will also try to facilitate this process by starting a “free agent” thread a few weeks after registration starts. We will find you a team!

Q: I registered but now I can’t come. Can I get a refund?

A: No, there are no refunds. However, you can find someone to buy your pass off of you. Email and tell us the name of the person who is taking over your ticket.


Q:  Who can come to the event? 


A:  This is a lesbian event for womxn (or however you wish to define your sexuality or gender). But we are inclusive of the entire LGBTQ+ community. We welcome any person regardless of their gender identity or expression. Our event is meant to be a womxn's sporting event (cis woman or trans woman - no difference to us) but non-binary folk are also totally free to participate in the official tournament. If you identify as a trans man and you really want to participate, just email us so we can work out the details. We are not trying to exclude anyone so we are really easy going and flexible on who participates. It's supposed to just be a silly and fun time with friends so we are not super strict on things. We hope that is clear! Any questions can be directed to Morgan Faye at


Q:  Is there an age limit?

A:  There is no age limit but you must be 21+ to attend.  


Q: How do I become part of the volunteer staff?

A: Email to see if we have staff positions available. 





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